Entry #1

Hi Hiiiii!

2015-08-01 14:35:10 by JackySmiles

Heyoooooooo friends and neighbors!

I are here again with two new songs! I have been busy with work and building my first desktop.

I have some other songs in the works already and I hope to get into animation some time, thas what I built my desktop for. Not too soon, but I will get there with time.

Enjoy, and thank you ever so much for listening to me stuffs.

Your Humble Narrator, JackySmiles


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2015-08-01 15:59:46

oh wow i just listened to the burden of sir z, is that the one you're talking about?? the piano in that is so ON POINT

JackySmiles responds:

Why, thank you very much janajanayaaaaa!


2015-08-01 20:20:14

Both songs are great, man.

JackySmiles responds:

Hi! I are glad to hear it fromya mate! I hope things are swell forya, I do!


2015-08-02 06:55:34

Excellent work buddy! Just finished listening to your two songs and you know what? The Burden of Sir Z song is still playing in my head haha That's a good thing :) Great music man. As always I will be eagerly awaiting your future works.

Keep in touch!

JackySmiles responds:

Yaaaaay, thas the effect I wanted it to have upon peoples! Stuck toya like a used lollypop! But... But, you know... ina, ina good way.... yeahh...