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Going Blind Going Blind

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I really appreciated the message/emotions in this game, as I am a very empathetic person and have had to go through things like this with friends and family (and a very similar situation with a very similar looking dog of me mums). At first I was brimming as to how cute he was, and then as the light grew dimmer and started to cloud the very essence of the doggies happiness (the bones), I felt me goosy bumps perk up and I did indeed begin to tear up like the Hagrid hearted individual I am... I showed me mum and she did the same, though she said it was cute (so she got the message to, this game is good for many ages as it would seem).

I think that is what is missing in games these days, emotional intent. To much action, and: i'll kill you with this-in this way-from this height-with this dildo. So hats off to you sir, may we see more fromya in the future.

I give ya five stars for what the game is, a short, emotional piece that is quite to the point. Good onya droogie! I apologize for the giant critique taking up all the space!

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Pixel Cat! Pixel Cat!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

The lips are a bit odd, but other than that it is cutses!
I like how the head is rather large as it adds to a cute cartoon nature.
Keep on gettn better yoo!

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jenninexus responds:

lol cool - thanks for the note! In some ways I was going for odd, but I will keep practicing pixel stylez & hope to come up w/ better solutions for creating mouths :-D